meet Trayzi,

Magic food self-checkout

Trayzi is fast

Checkout multiple items in just 1 second.
Faster than any traditional checkout.
No more long lines.

Trayzi is easy

Trayzi automatically recognizes your meals.
No need to scan barcodes, type numbers or search in lists – just magic!

Trayzi is smart

Trayzi uses artificial intelligence (A.I.) and smart sensors to identify and charge for the right products.







How Trayzi works

1. Place

Trayzi is incredibly easy to use. Just place your food on Trayzi, she will do the rest.

2. Magic

Trayzi recognizes your favorite meal immediately.
She even weighs your salad and ignores personal items like your smartphone.

3. Pay

Just scan your badge or pay with any payment card. We support all common payment options.

Your benefits

Grow your business

Increase your sales by attracting customers who are short on-time as well as during off-peak hours when checkouts are poorly staffed.

Optimize your staff

Trayzi is never sick or on holiday, so you don’t need to hire and train substitutes or new staff. Let Trayzi handle the checkout while your staff focus on connecting with customers.

Reduce shrinkage

Trayzi is super easy-to-use and relieves your customers from list-typing or barcode-scanning. Less stress, less human error and less shrinkage.

Our customers



Convenience stores

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